Look at this adorable idiot so excited he can’t stop smiling because he’s going on a date with his Swan.


she wants me to h o l d her, I want to use both hands

ouat update: so you guys know I loveeeeeee captain swan they’re my otp and I love how the charmings treated her like she was getting ready for prom it was like all that Emma missed out on and she was in this little bubble and so giggly and she wants her own place and she was wearing his jacket and they were holding hands & the kiss eeek and she wanted tacos eeek and it was perf.

next overprotective dad and excited snow are the best. I want more.

I’m loving operation mongoose and I love how Regina is so scared of the truth being said out loud that robin is her true love so so cute

So I’m gonna have to rewatch because I didn’t fully understand the fantasia and rumple stuff but then again I never understand what rumple is up to.

next cs are my otp I fucking love them but the truth is I need 1) more operation mongoose 2) regina 3) more regina 4) way more snowing p.s more regina.

next I love anna she’s actually proactive and she doesn’t play the damsel and elsa is kinda useless at times but anna is like badass and I love it.

I thought it was a very good plot twist about the hand but is rumple just fucking with hook idk.

next I never watched OUATW but I’m guessing will was in love with the red queen? I love him his voice he’s so cute

next can we please find out about how snow queen and Emma know eachother????? Liz mitchell is a fucking babe. Adoptive mother????

Lastly Henry you lil playa.

Oh oh the promo oh my goodness. Liz Mitchell I will build your snowman. Also looks like we could be getting some mills-swan angst tag team shizz which is always great bc I love sq too.



Night, Killian.

Good night.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

You’re just going to keep me in here because I broke into a bloody library?



[ 28 / 30 ] Stardust

“What do stars do best?